Complimentary ACFI audit

Complimentary ACFI revenue audit for Complex Health Care (CHC)

At IHCA we have analysed many aged care providers and understood that it is challenging to gain clear visibility of whether or not aged care providers have:

  • Lower standards or deficient treatment due to staff taking leave and there not being adequate back-staffing
  • Activities of daily living (ADL) domain not being claimed completely or at all
  • Oversubscribed or over-claimed item 4b, which can incur harsh penalties and negatively impact your bottom line in the short term

IHCA is here to help by providing a complementary ACFI audit to understand:

  • Where you are at, and provide clarity with your ACFI claims, and where you stand commercially as well as how you can offer better care for your clients
  • Our quote will also display how our staff can help you fill the gaps if there are any, in relation to our extensive capability and resources that can deliver allied health specialists and pain management services on your behalf.

If your current provider is out of contract soon, now is the best time to take us up on our free audit and in depth quote to help take your aged care facilities to the next level.

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