Residential Aged Care

Allied health residential care programs

At IHCA we ensure Aged Care Quality Standards ( allied health related aspects of standard 2 &3) compliance for our residential aged care customers. We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of care whilst also ensuring we tailor our approach to the unique needs of each consumer.

We work closely with facility managers , care managers , registered nurses and medical professional personnels to adapt our approach for the optimal healthcare experience for every client. We have worked hand-in-hand with several aged care providers to deliver tailored programs that take a holistic approach to consumers care.

These programs don’t only include exercise and manual therapy, they also focus on non-tangible outcomes such as encouraging a positive atmosphere and outlook for consumers as well as motivating consumers to socialise thus providing a holistic path to recovery.   

Our allied health professionals are passionate about their consumer’s wellbeing and recovery and pride themselves on building trust to meet the health goals of their consumers, whilst creating a nurturing and caring environment for them.  

We offer a range of different services based on the requirements of the aged care provider we are working with, from specialised aged care physiotherapy services to audits. we are a full-service operation. 

Here is an inclusive list of all our residential care services

  • All-inclusive holistic service – exercise classes, falls prevention classes, pain management, one on one exercises
  • Tailored aged care exercise program
  • All referrals, 6 to12 months functional assessment, mobility assessment, pain assessment and care plan review included
  • Complimentary documentation audits
  • Manual handling training to all registered nurse (RN), care staff, general care staff (GCS) and administrative staff
  • Service reviews every 6 months

About Us

Intelligent Health Care Australia (IHCA) is the first choice in health, fitness and wellbeing for all customers in Australia.

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